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it is a girl's hairy pussy.
damn man this gal i went wit last night had berpube triangle, it was so hairy.
#vag #vagi #puss bag #muff #carpet
by pyr0k!n3$!$ February 14, 2009
it is a girl's brown nipple that is abnormally wide but most guys love them.
omg i spent all night suckling my gf's brownie wowee, they are so full and mind blowin
#nip #nipple #bosom center #las mira bomba atomicas #cow pie
by pyr0k!n3$!$ February 14, 2009
you apply the cheese on your lover's nipple, bite on it and twist it then lick it off leaving red mark.
i gave my gf a swizz nip because she kept talkin about how much she love cheese and pain so i tried both
#nacho #gorgonzola #mozzarella cheese #japaleno #cheese orgy
by pyr0k!n3$!$ February 14, 2009
Number 4 of abc is D and number 1 is A and 4 is D again so it spells DAD.
just hidin from 414, hes lookin to kick my ass and hes drunk as hell.
#pops #papa #daddy #old man #daddio
by pyr0k!n3$!$ February 14, 2009
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