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Givin' someone the finger + Nose mining = Birdie Pick. The Birdie Pick is easy to master and allows the person giving the finger to convey his/her insult without being noticed by anyone besides the intended bird recipient. This inconspicuous insult is a close cousin to the Shocker Pick.
"Where's Jason?"
"In the hospital."
"What happened?"
"He was Birdie Pickin' while driving, hit a bump and punctured his brain."
by pxmoshec April 10, 2006
Sporting the shocker sign + (Ambitious) Nose mining = Shocker Pick. The Shocker Pick is not as easy as the Birdie Pick to master but can be done right with a little practice. With either hand, make the shocker sign. Put your middle and pointer finger up your nose, one in each nostril. Then put your pinkie in your mouth. It's as easy as that. The Shocker Pick is also known as "2 in the boogs, 1 in the loogs".
Always wash your hands before Shocker Pickin'... It's common sense hygiene.
by pxmoshec April 10, 2006

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