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Another name for the semen/sperm/jizz gleefully deposited by males in or on a highly attractive but sexually promiscuous young female (slut/whore/fuckpig)
Yo Dawg! Donkey dicked Leroy and me banged the living shit out of that bubble-butt freak ho Tina from the 7-11 last night. Damn near tore the blond skank a new asshole before we drowned her in a quart of our thick greasy slut cream. Bitch looked like a snow cone when we blew our nigga nuts together over her cute 18 yr old bimbo face! Yo!
by purplemushroom April 16, 2008
Young, dumb and eager to please female who enjoys nothing better than to be passed around by groups of men and used for depraved sex, often in a gang bang or Bukkake situation. Often a certified nymphomaniac who loves attention and notoriety in equal measure. The ultimate slut.
Yo Dawg, we all goin' round T-Bone's crib tonight to bang the living poo out of that shameless big titted blond ho Poppy! She's only 16 but already top fuck fodder. She took so much dick round the 'hood, the jizz is oozing out of her damn ears! Can't wait to blow my aching nuts all over her slutty supercute teenage chops! Been savin' up for 3 days! Man its gonna be crazy...that bitch is gonna get shanked by the bruthas till she passes out tonight! She's so nasty!
by Purplemushroom April 07, 2008
Penile decoration of a submissive female often performed by very well endowed dominant male 'studs' in porn films after first copiously ejaculating over said female's slutty face. Done usually to allow a souvenir photo to be taken for both parties and sometimes display on the DVD boxcover. The now soft but still huge 'todger' of the standing stud is triumphantly curved over the forehead of the kneeling cum-splattered slut to form a fetching 'tiarra': a fitting crown for any wannabe porn princess! The stud gains satisfaction from displaying his prowess and sexual power, the lucky slut gets to show off to her friends and family that she's been used by a much sought-after well hung 'trophy' stud. The Todge Tiarra is THE latest penile headgear choice of any ambitious slut who wants to show off her sexual appeal and willingness to be sexually used and degraded for the sole pleasure of oversexed dominant hung males.

Now catching on in the wider world as many guys after fucking fine hos want to keep a handy record of their latest conquest: simply capture the Todge Tiarra (TT) in all its glory by taking a cellphone camera snap after gleefully shooting your load! Collecting TT pics is the new 'in'sport of the modern hung stud!
Yo Dawg, we damn near cut this hot white skank in half! DPing this dirty bitch was the bomb! Now lets glaze her dumbass cute teenage mug like a fuckin' donut and give her a wicked Todge Tiarra to show our homies what a fine piece of fine blond ho we scored tonite! Get yer cell readyfor the TT, Dawg, I'm gonna blow my swollen nuts so nasty, gonna force this skank's eyeballs into the back of her bimbo skull!
by Purplemushroom April 09, 2008
1) The act of popping a large and satisfying load of jizz over a chosen part of the anatomy of a slutty promiscuous young female of low class and intelligence, known as a skank. The face is the preferred location and if possible shooting sperm in the eyes or up the nostrils is to be encouraged as the degradation factor is enhanced further. Verbally abusing them as one defiles their skanky face is also fun. Using a skank like a worthless piece of fuckmeat is all she deserves which is why collective Skank Wanks after gangbanging them senseless is so popular and on the rise.

2)Masturbating over the thought of fucking a slutty trashy prickteasing loose moralled girl who is young enough to be your daughter or even granddaughter.
1)Bernard and me drilled that cute 17yr old bleach blond slut from the trailer park last night. You know the dumb fuckpig with the pig-tails...big tits, bubble-butt, tattoos and piercings everywhere? Works at the checkout at the 7-11 part-time and most of the niggas in the R'n'B nightclub next door have used her like a fuckin' cum mop. She's been nigger fried but still a good fuck even though she's got a twat like a hippo's yawn! Nasty nymph ho has been passed around like a fuckin' basketball by the bruthas. Anyway, we got lucky and picked the bitch up after her shift by promising to mend her shitheap car. Shafted the little skank in every hole all night...we popped our goo in her mug so many times I lost count...got her all hot and nasty...goddamn Skank Wanks a go-go last night!

2)Harold, the Bank Manager and Mayor of the Mid-West town, spanked his monkey like an adolescent at the thought of sticking his 57 year old shriveled maggot dick up the succulent pink puckered turdpipe of the slutty 16 yr old teenage daughter, Tanya, of his Ukranian cleaning lady. He had heard his wife complaining about the rumours that Tanya was a complete slut and was being used by the local basketball team, all huge shaven-headed black men, as a fuck puppet. It was too much for Harold who had that very day seen Tanya in her cheerleader outfit on the way to the ball game after which he knew she'd be getting held by her pig-tails and mercilessly facefucked by those damn nigga thugs ...he blew his load over his keyboard in his office! It was an incredible Skank Wank!
by purplemushroom April 15, 2008

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