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The act of beating some one with a keyboard. made famous by attack of the show. This refers to the home row keys, asdfjkl;.
Get in the kitchen and make me some pie now or im gunna unplug mah keyboard and home row you. oh and mom can i have your credit card #
by Puppetpallmich May 19, 2005
away from controller. a form of the popular afk, afc is the same but used for online console games like halo 2. some people think afc mean average frustrated chump but they are n00bs
player 1- dude y is jimmy getting killed so much.
player 2- i think hes afc.
jimmy-no im here i just suck.
by Puppetpallmich July 31, 2005
the act of stomping on some ones head while positioned near the curb or on top of it. this act is almost exclusivly done with timberland boots.
dat nigga be frontin so i gots a mad curb stomp up on his head
by puppetpallmich April 29, 2005
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