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Someone who stays in one spot almost all day even if they are needed.
He was a lamper, he was infront of his XBOX 24/7!

That lamper has been watching football all day!
by Punkybruster17 February 10, 2010
when you get a sudden big burst of energy, late at night, around midnight, when you think of all these things you want to do but once you get started, usually after about an hour, you lose interest and call it quits....leaving an unfinished mess.
"She awoke to find the furniture moved all around and pictures down, the result of midnighting the night before"

"The next day he looked at the huge pile of movies that he had sellected and pulled out for his horror movie marathon. The idea he got during a midnighting episode."
by punkybruster17 February 08, 2010
When your tired one day and your tired again the next. This is called being retired.
I was tired yesterday and i'm retired today.

My friend is retired,he has been his laying on his couch for two days straight.
by punkybruster17 April 22, 2010

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