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4 definitions by punch_em_in_the_head

v. to bitch, moan, and possibly break into man-tears because a team you had projected to go deep into the NCAA basketball tournament lost in the first round, thereby ruining your bracket (i.e. "a bracket buster")
Thank God Memphis didn't lose to Cal State Northridge, or my boyfriend would have been basketbawling all night.
by punch_em_in_the_head March 21, 2009
6 4
(1) an unfortunate mole found on female politicians with a 900 number porn voice, a megalomaniacal desire for power, and an inability to reconcile their policy with their religion.

(2) a mole that wishes it was on Cindy Crawford and not on Jennifer Granholm.
Politician: I was totally going to climb her Capitol Hill until I caught a glimpse of that Granmole.
by punch_em_in_the_head March 20, 2009
5 3
the wave of religion-based guilt experienced by some homosexual males after sex
Trevor and I went back to my place and had a great time last night, but then he got all anal repentive on me and had to leave.
by punch_em_in_the_head March 21, 2009
2 1
any plant given as a romantic gift during a relationship that subsequently ends in an unsatisfactory break-up
Friend: "Why don't you let that Ficus die already?"

Me: "It was a total bon*sigh* tree, and I can't let go."
by punch_em_in_the_head March 20, 2009
2 3