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A disgustasm occurs when a person experiences something so horrifically disgusting that he or she spontaneously erupts in waves of powerful orgasms. Thought to be a result of a shock to the cental nervous system caused by sudden mental trauma. A disgustasm is usually experienced by victims' observing or taking part in vile and depraving acts.
Timmy watched two girls one cup on the internet and promptly disgustasmed.
by puddleglum June 12, 2009
Game popularised amongst poorer communites similar to badminton. Played with a hand instead of a racket. The same rules apply as to badminton, with the exception that the shuttlecock is hit by the palm of the hand. Generally accepted as requiring greater skill, speed and agility than that of badminton.
Timmy burst the shuttlecock out of it with the power of his mutated larger left hand. His opponent leaped to the air to return the serve but missed and fell to the ground. Observers commented that it was the best game of handminton they had seen in years.
by puddleglum June 12, 2009

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