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5 definitions by psychomoonlight

Kissy face, usually when you want to smooch someone.
Me: I wanna kiss you James! ^3^
James: Hehehehe! (Gives you a kiss)
Me: *Kiss kiss kiss KISS!* Is my Jam Jams happy?
James: Mmmhmm! ^^
by psychomoonlight January 28, 2005
Someone who is so Psychotic, but in a good way.
The Psychotical girl frowns as she dropped her gun to rushed to the side of the boy in danger.
by Psychomoonlight January 22, 2005
People who had took their sweet 18 years from their lives to raise their children to become better in life, and care for them and will basically break their necks to help them.

People in urbandictionary.com do not see this, and think parent's ruin lives, but let's put it this way: When they die, you will be in tears because you remember the times they were protecting your asses and making sure you can at least get a good job at McDonald's earning something than nothing.
I wish my Mom can be there for me, but she's busy making my adult life better.
by Psychomoonlight April 29, 2005
James's Nickname. Very sweet nickname, for a super sweet boy.
JAM JAMSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Where are you, Jam Jams? ;_____________;
by psychomoonlight January 28, 2005
A girl in Megaman X. She had a thing for zero. She, Later dies by Zero because she attacks him after her brother died. She dies in Zero's arms, and after the game, Zero begs for forgivness, and had feelings for her.
"Stop! Big Brother!"
by Psychomoonlight June 21, 2005