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anyone who simply can't figure out how to be on time at the right place
"Michael was not only late, but he even went to the wrong restaurant - he's such a logistitard..."
by psyCohn December 08, 2009
Any hot chick who eats & drinks anything she wants yet maintains a very attractive figure...
"I don't know how she does it, but Laura eats like a pig and drinks like a fish yet she still has that smoking hot body - she's really metaboliscious..."
by psyCohn December 17, 2009
Any food or drink that appears or tastes better simply by the high level of milk (or cheese, or any other milk byproduct) content it contains...
Karen's iced coffee looked so lactosious because of all of the half&half she had in there...
by psyCohn December 17, 2009
Any person or thing that causes time to be wasted when more important things are pending...
Karen's bum knee and her A.D.D. has caused her to really be procrastinatious to all of her events lately...
by psyCohn April 07, 2010
stofa: the perfect combination of a 'Steve' and a 'sofa'
"Steve never leaves the couch - he's such a Stofa!"
by psyCohn March 29, 2007
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