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1: To refuse to acknowledge that you're running out of gas, fail to plan for it, and run your car to the point of failure.

2: To entirely run a car out of gas at an inopportune moment.

3: To attempt to save the day, come so close, and fail at the last moment
Dude, he totally did a whincup
by PseudonymS October 14, 2014
When you want to tell multiple people that they are either wrong or their opinion sucks. Can also be used when you are frustrated by someone's stupidity.
Example 1
A: George Bush is the 30th president
B: No he is the 24th what are you talking about
C: You guys are morons

Example 2
A: OMG Blink 182 is teh best band evar!
B: I agree they are so hawt and their music is teh shit!!1
C: You guys are morons

Example 3
A: Myspace is the best website
B: Nono its Facebook your wrong!
C: You guys are morons
by pseudonyms July 28, 2008
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