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The bigger, the smarter.
Giant glasses worn by nerds, John Denver, or the new wave kids of 2010. These glasses have no value attracting others sexually, or any type of compliment to ones face whatsoever.
Please do not wear Tyrannosaurus specs anymore. I would provide an example, but that would involve further knowledge of these glasses. I'm going to just Fahrenheit 451 this shit and YOU, just forget you ever read this definition and JUST stay away from over sized bifocals.
by pseudonimrod July 27, 2010
The Special request topping added to the frothy butter beer at Islands of Adventure, straight outta harry potters wizard balls.
Sweet, salty, magically delicious.
Tourist: "Can I get some of that Wizzard Jizzard Please?"
Wizard servant: "Why yes you can, OH OH OHHHH, here you go:)"
by pseudonimrod July 27, 2010

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