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can be used any many different forms, i.e. winning, fucking, eating, etc. etc.
i smashed that babe i met at the bar last night!

i'm about to smash this dinner my mama just cooked!

the heat smashed the cavs last week! now i bet dan gilbert is about to smash his fist into the wall!

let's smash outta here, way too many dudes here. let's go find some freaks to take back and smash at my place!
by prufessa February 10, 2011
When an online company takes so much business away from a storefront business that it is forced to shut down.
John: Hey, did you hear Borders is closing?

Jane: Yep, all of those digital book readers took all of their business away. It's called the Netflix effect.
by prufessa July 21, 2011
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