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Any overweight likable funnyman that spends their life quieting demons with a steady barrage of illegal drugs , normally ends in premature death. (far-lan-GEW-shee)
Its a shame Pete is a farlangushi. He is such a tremndous talent. What a waste.
by provider44 January 19, 2010
bein all about workin out and gettin girls.
Beano follows the situation creed. You can either find him at the gym or creepin on girls.
by provider44 January 18, 2010
whenever you wake up and are being inadvertently tickled by someone's head hair so you wrap it up with the cover.
When I awoke to Josanna's hair salad I wrapped her up and transformed her into a hair burrito which was less annoying.
by provider44 January 18, 2010
to feel if as you have lost all brain power and devolved into some sort of primate subhuman hybrid after watching reality television for an extended amount of time.
I collapsed like a lubed up combination ladder in my bedroom after being j-shored by the reality show marathon i could not pull myself away from today.
by provider44 January 16, 2010
extremely comfortable
Poshka was used to sleeping on the street but when the nice lady gave hime shelter, a warm meal, then a fireside bed, he was as bumfy as a man could be.
by provider44 January 15, 2010
a peson who holds up lines to purchase lottery tickets every day
The scratch rash may have found the remedy for distracting the mind from problems at hand but he is investing in despair.
by provider44 January 15, 2010
anyone who holds up lines everywhere they go as they pump most of there earnings into scratchoff tickets.
'Hey look kids, the cashier has been here all along. The holdup is being caused by the witless cardboard banker who is covered in ticket shavings.
by provider44 January 15, 2010

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