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Possibly the greatest town in existence. Full of intelligent, friendly people and with far less chavs than most towns in the UK. Home of the beautiful architectural masterpiece known as the Kodak Tower, the tallest building in the United Kingdom. Usually ripped on by outsiders because of their extreme jealousy (see above defintions).
Outsider: I hate Hemel because I'm a sad inbred from <insert town devoid of all human intelligence>. Deep down I wish I could live there, but even if I did I know I'd never be worthy.
by prolific8 April 10, 2005
A cry or call used to summon a towel to oneself.
"I'm wet and need a towel to dry myself. GEBEEBAH! GEBEEEEHBAH!"
by prolific8 February 16, 2005
Dutch for "heaven". Thus proving once and for all that Hemel Hempstead literally is heaven.
When I die, I'm going to Hemel.
by prolific8 April 18, 2005
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