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A night in which friends gather together and get so crunk that after the partying, all they can physically do is sit on the couch like a grandma and rock back and forth.
Mike, Jordan, Zach, Robert, and Matt had a grandma night last night with a bottle of Vladimir. Zach passed out first. He was such a grandma.
by prohighfiver June 25, 2010
A student club in which each morning before school, a group of three students drink in the parking lot. One drives to pick the others up, at 7:15, and 7:20 respectively, hence the 15-20 name. There are 3 rules: 1) Keep it down! 2) The three Founding Fathers only may share the booze, guests are BYOB 3) No over-the-top douchebaggery while in school.
Mike, Robert, and Zach were in the 15-20 Club before spanish class on fridays.
by prohighfiver June 25, 2010
Silly alternative to saying "Just Kidding"
I like Nickleback...just kittens you guys!

Mike is so ugly, just kittens with mittens, he's a hottie!
by prohighfiver July 19, 2010

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