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A name, typically paired with another mildly offensive word, given to someone who you and your friends dislike. The primary reason for assigning a Deltrese nickname is so it's possible to talk shit about them whether their listening to your conversation or not.
Brianna: There goes Dusty Deltrese again; when will she ever start wearing normal clothes?
Kaleb: I don't know girl. I just don't know.
Dusty Deltrese: Who's Dusty Deltrese?
Brianna: Oh, don't worry about it. You don't know them.
by professionalshadethrower December 21, 2013
This act is very similar to the act of throwing shade. Instead of just having an attitude, however, you raise a small drink umbrella (commonly found in cocktails) above the person you wish to throw shade at and reprimand them for what they have said.
Isaac: Is Queen B's new album perfect or what?
Griffin: It's okay, I guess.
Isaac: *umbrelling Griffin* You can go.
by professionalshadethrower December 21, 2013
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