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To be so sexy that ones sexiness causes ruckus, rioting and unadulterated belligerentness do to the tremendous level of sexiness. Derrived from Jim Lahey's discription of sexy Julian on a stake out mission.
Jim Lahey: " The suspect was acting suspicious, as if he had something to hide, and is also guilty of being belligerent sexy, over and out Randy."

Randy : " Got it Mr. Lahey, over and out."
by prodigyofmind July 30, 2010
A combination of a milf with the intense anger fluctuations of Lou Ferrigno that you might expect from a post-menopause milf that you are currently banging. Basically she goes Hulk on your ass.
Steve: "How did last night go with that milf that you are currently enjoying"?

Doug: "Great". "Until I mentioned i would totally do her hot 19 year old daughter, then she turned all milferrigno on me."
by prodigyofmind July 23, 2010
The act of having your partner finish you off on her face and or chest, in the motion of the shake-weight from them hilarious commercials.
Kevin: " hey, did you go home with that bartender last night?''

Steve: "yeah."

Kevin: ''DETAILS!"

Steve: " well, we went back to my house, had a few drinks, smoked a joint and then she ended up shake-weighting me."

Kevin: " you lucky bastard. I can't beleive she shake-weighted you."
by prodigyofmind July 26, 2010

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