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QOTUS: quitter who thinks they are a fighter.
Sarah Palin is to forever be known as the official QOTUS.
by princeofwheels July 09, 2009
something which you feel happened earlier in the day.
I entered the room and it felt like I was there at an earlier time in the day. It felt like Today Je Vu.
by princeofwheels August 20, 2009
The female god of the tea party..Sarah Palin
The Missiah of the TeaParty led her followers to the grape kool-aid.
by princeofwheels February 09, 2011
A medical condition affecting the brain after listen to Fox News for three(3) consecutive hours.
He developed MUSH BRAIN after listening to Hannity, O'reilly and Great Van S in consecutive order.

He was fine doctor until he watched Fox for three hours when his brain turned to mush.
by princeofwheels July 25, 2009

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