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Terminology for the process of performing oral sex on a woman.
A friend of mine gave me that analogy after he ate his girlfriend's hairy muffin; "It was like a side-ways roast beef sandwich."
by Primo March 30, 2005
1. Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent girlfriend.
2. Characterized by magnificence or virtuosic brilliance in terms of female gangsterhood.
3. A perfectly gorgeous girlfriend
She's my jube-starr. My jube-starr is in my crib
by primo March 13, 2005
When receiving fellacio, releasing your load onto the face of the girl providing you with the service with no warning what-so-ever.
i didn't make any noise or even move. i just laid back and gave her the becca treatment.
by Primo May 09, 2005
A Racial Slur Twords an Italain. Means Italain is low class , or cheap , poor , very low word twords an italain. Like Nigger twords a black person.
(Italain)Yo what up Ginny?

(African American)Nuttin Much nigga Hittin Dis L Right Hea.
by Primo January 26, 2004

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