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Made up rules that you convince your retarded buddies are real. Used to trick them into playing certain games incorrectly simply for your enjoyment.
Trevor: "John isn't even playing kickball right."
Ed: "Yeah, I taught him some fules so that we can laugh at him."
Trevor: "Look, he's running the bases with his dick out his pants."
All: "Hahahahahaha"
by pr0duct1ve June 25, 2009
Stands for "Super Simple System". Mainly used to demonstrate computer program/subroutine complexity.
Trevor: "Is there a callback system set up for when a sprite is done playing?"
Dylan: "Nope, it's an s3 so that kind of functionality is outside of the current scope"
Trevor: "fair 'nuff"
by pr0duct1ve August 12, 2009
Like a business but slightly different. It is usually a ruse meant to be profited from by bringing about false hope.
Edward and I ran a pretty slick vusiness over the summer. It basically fed our heroin addiction and no one was the wiser.
by pr0duct1ve June 24, 2009
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