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visible clumps of nose goblins, often found clinging to nasal hair.
"you need to blow your nose, you got some serious bats in the cave!!"
by pow3rslave January 21, 2007
A person from France that imbecilic dolts hate because their simpleton leader and insipid news media have told them too.
"i don't know anything about france or their culture, but i hate them because the TV said to!"

"do you remember those stupid frenchmen? they said iraq didn't have any WMD... oh, wait, fuck!"
by pow3rslave March 15, 2005
a police helicopter, see ghetto bird
"and if you're afraid of them pesky pork choppers in the sky, no worries! we'll fix them too."
by pow3rslave October 12, 2004
past tense of the verb to lawyer.
"Did you see law and order last night? McCoy lawyered the fuck out of that guy!"
by pow3rslave May 11, 2004

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