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to pee, to urinate
After so much beer I need to tap my kidney.
by potap December 26, 2009
To give a weak handshake.
This guy looks unconfident. He has a limp fish handshake.
by potap April 21, 2010
to lie, to say a lie
Ok, common now, throw me a lie!
by potap December 26, 2009
to pee, to urinate
I need to go out to drain my liver.
by potap December 25, 2009
sexy-looking, attractive, a girl phisically desired by another girl.
Three friends talking:
Mike: Linda looks terrific tonight!
John: She looks sexy to me, too.

Jane: Yeah, (with envy) she looks lesborific to me!
by potap December 26, 2009
1. To kick in the balls.
Even if you know Kung-Fu, I would recommend not kicking me in the pills, alright?
by potap February 03, 2013

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