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A lesbian is a female who is exclusively emotionally, sexually, romantically and/or aesthetically attracted to other female.

Sexual activity between women is as diverse as sex between heterosexuals or gay men. Some women in same sex relationships do not identify as lesbian, but as bisexual. As with any interpersonal activity, sexual expression depends on the context of the relationship. Like anyone else (regardless of sexuality), lesbians can be promiscuous or committed, ashamed or proud. There is a wide spectrum of lesbian behavior and generalizations can be misleading. Recent cultural changes in western and a few other societies have enabled lesbians to express their sexuality more freely, which has resulted in new studies on the nature of female sexuality.

Throughout history, hundreds of lesbians have been well-known figures in the arts and culture.
lesbians ONLY like women and they are not "turned straight" by cock
by portpoop August 17, 2006
Port Washington is a hamlet in Nassau County, New York on the North Shore of Long Island. As of the United States 2000 Census, the community population was 15,215.

In broader sense, however, Port Washington includes the communities of Baxter Estates, Manorhaven, Port Washington North, and Sands Point, as these areas share the same ZIP code, school and library districts.

F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby is set in the fictional East Egg and West Egg Villages, which are thinly-disguised versions of, respectively, Port Washington and Great Neck. The novel portrays East Egg (Port Washington) as a posh, wealthy place of old money.

A lot of rich people live in port.....
in f. scott fitzgerald's novel, east egg is based on port washington
by portpoop August 17, 2006

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