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5 definitions by porkchop101

nothing to be ashamed of... sometimes they are all that's around. it's kinda like a moped, they can be fun to ride, but you don't want your friends to see you on them, ever.
you can't say shit you fucking pussy, you only hook up with B chicks, loser.
by porkchop101 February 17, 2012
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When a B chick forces heavy sensual vibes in an enclosed environment over a long period of time and penetrates your fantasy forcefield and proceeds to rape you . . . the wrong way
Dude, I was in was in class for 3 hours and the Prof was wearing a super tight black dress on her not super tight body, at first I thought ahhhh nasty and then I thought ahhh get out of my mind you nasty bitch

Dude, Fantasy Rape
by porkchop101 February 17, 2012
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Similar to the cougar species the Tugar is a unique animal that hails from Portugal, enjoys hunting in packs and feasts only one weekdays after 2AM.

Tuga is the appellation the Portuguese use, similar to American or Aussie.

Those not familiar with the term cougar it means a female who usually preys on younger men at the beach, club or any public/social space where light and sobriety are enhanced, much like the cougar herself
I went to Lisbon for my bachelor party and was attacked by a pack of tugars.
by porkchop101 December 05, 2011
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AKA Stredemtion

Is when a a woman, 40+, stops being a stripper and begins her "acting" career. Preforming in poorly funded softcore porn or rather "Rack of Ages" I mean "Rock of Ages" type productions.
Dude, check out that MILF.

Dude, that's no MILF that a stredemption lawsuit waiting to happen.

True... Stripper Redemption

Wanna go for Tacos?
by porkchop101 May 29, 2012
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When you go to a reunion of class, job, team, etc

and that girl you wanted to fuck is there and you proceed to fuck her at the reunion and it redeems you of the fuck that got away.
Dude, did I see you hooking up Chinanay at the reunion?

Totally, I reunion redemption fucked the living shit out of her
by porkchop101 May 29, 2012
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