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A libertarian. Esp. one who owns multiple Mosin-Nagants and a longbox full of comic books, reads science fiction, and refers to their minivan as the "Millennium Falcon".
I am not a wookie-suiter! I don't even own a minivan; the Millennium Falcon is a BMW convertible!
by pork-you-pine November 27, 2010
Any person who criticizes TSA policy, in person, on new media like blogs or on forums like "Flyer Talk".

The Domestic Extremist isn't the type that wants to kill or mame, rather this person is the type that believes in Civil Rights, limited government, freedom to travel and that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism"

The purpose of the Domestic Extremist label by the TSA is not to keep us all safer from a terrorist attack, but to scare the majority of people to comply with the outrageous TSA screening procedure without complaint, for fear of getting on "a list".
I wore that underwear I have that has the Fourth Amendment written on it through the porno-scanners at the airport and they put me on the "Domestic Extremist " watch list.
by pork-you-pine December 11, 2010
Tourists who travel from out of state to buy legal recreational marijuana. While it's illegal at the federal level, in Colorado it's legal to sell marijuana for recreational use after January 1, 2014. So far the Feds haven't interfered with the sales.

The term is from "snowbirds", which is the name for retirees who live in Recreational Vehicles full time and travel north in the summer and south in the winter to always stay in pleasant weather.
Medical marijuana use to be $25 an eighth of an ounce, and then those damn smokebirds flew in and bought out everything in sight for $70 an eight! Now they're out until someone grows some more.
by pork-you-pine January 05, 2014

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