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2 definitions by porcelina

An insult generally used by hyperactive Americans on Ricki Lake and other assorted talk shows. Most commonly heard from those that have no concept of grammar, this phrase generally follows the phrase "y'know what i'm sayin'"
"Talk to the hand girlfriend, cos the face don't wanna hear it"
by porcelina September 01, 2003
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Someone who nibbles on vegitation for sustinance, relies on diet replacement pills and beans to make up for their protein and vitamin deficencies. also does not indulge in any form of lifestyle that has any effect on any living thing other than their own, and will crucify themselves to save bunnies but will cut in line to have an abortion.
"I am not a vegan. I will now eat some dead cow and LIKE it."
by porcelina February 20, 2006
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