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Sony Computer Entertainment's Playstation Portable.

Designed as a multimedia device, it is one of the most powerful platforms available on the market. Well developed games boast near PS2-quality in graphics and sound, and gameplay is varied and entertaining. Supports MP4 and Mp3 video and audio formats, and displays JPEGs, GIFs, and TIIF files. Recent firmware updates allowed the use of a full web browser that uses the internal wireless ethernet card to run off of a 802.11b network. Often criticized to be fragile or plagued by low battery life. However, when running at optimal levels, conservative screen brightness and volume settings, underclocked processor, battery life is well within nominal parameters. Obviously, running with the volume and brightness maximized and the wireless card active will drain battery life much quicker, but it isn't nearly as bad as many authors have made it out to be. The real strength lies in the PSP's homebrew potential. While constantly policed by Sony in the form of prohibitive firmware updates, extremely bright and resourceful hackers such as Dark_Alex and Booster were/are able to thwart Sony's efforts. Homebrew allows one to run nonstandard programs ranging form custom firmwares that allow the psp to be used at its full potential, to hardware emulators allowing people to play SNES, and other older consoles. Homebrew allows people to really innovate and it shows what people can do when presented a powerful resource. PSP games can be extremely fun and innovative. Games such as Lumines or Loco Roco push the limits of what people can imagine, and others like Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops push the envelope in terms of graphics and playability. The PSP proves that innovation doesn't need a gimmick.
The PSP is the maligned creation of Sony.

I bought a PSP for 250 USD. It was worth every cent of it.

Prima: *Playing his PSP*

Secunda: "Hey that's pretty cool, those graphics look almost as if they were on a console!"

Prima: "Yeah, but it's not just graphics. I can do many things all in one package. Then with the work of extremely talented crackers and programmers, I can do much more!"

Tertia: "OMG!11 YUOR PSP SUXX0RZ!11 IT HAS NO BATTERY LIFE! LOL DISC READ ERROR!11 I'm going to go play a bad port of a N64 game. LOL, INNOVATIV!"
by popularnerd December 12, 2006
Nintendo's successor to the Game Boy line of portable game players. Originally marketed as a "gameboy for the older age", it offers a novel feature of having two screens, the lower of which is a touch screen used to interface with certain games. While it's hardware is certainly superior to Nintendo's previous systems, it has often been criticized of being overly limited as only a game player. A small cartidge allowing the use of mp3 files to be played was supposed to have been released. It has a WEP capable wireless ethernet card, and McDonalds is running a promotion offering free wireless for DS owners. Heavily paraded games include: Super Mario 64 DS, Metroid Prime Hunters, Nintendogs, Elite Beat Agents, and others.

Succinctly put:
Dual Screens.
Touch screen.
'Different' games.
Rudimentary wireless internet.
Relatively inexpensive.
The DS is a portable entertainment device. I have one, but I find it rather gimmicky. Props to Nintendo for thinking of it though.
by popularnerd December 12, 2006
"Damned if we do, damned if we don't."
The United States of America is always the Evil Empire, never the liberator.
by popularnerd December 12, 2006

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