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the second album of panic at the disco
refernces from the bettles and a very good album indeed
have you heard pretty. odd. do you like it?
by poppyimo March 29, 2008
im a scene kid
kinda emoish but not an emo
not indie kid either
kinda in between
im a scene kid
not an emo not an indie kid
by poppyimo April 11, 2008
a band which originate from texas
they have a panic at the disco style of song writing and playing
rock with a slight techno feel
scene kid 1: omg dont you just love the brittany from forever the sickest kids
chav: what the hell
scene kid 2: your a gangsta
chav: nope im a chav and forever the sickest must be great if i like t. pain
by poppyimo May 18, 2008
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