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When someone goes around killing people for fun in a MMO game. Usually done to newbs by higher ranking players with a stick up their ass.
Azereth, level 1 paladin: takes 200 gold pieces out of a pouch.
Zorgoth, level 12 ogre: arrives from the north.
Zorgoth, level 12 ogre: says "Hi, how are you?"
Azereth, level 1 paladin: says "I'm good. I finally got enough gold to get a weapon after a full hour of hunting snakes."
Zorgoth, level 12 ogre: swings battle axe at Azereth and connects with a crushing blow to the ribs.
Azereth is slain.
200 gold pieces fall to the ground.
Zorgoth, level 12 ogre: says "LOLGANK!"
Zorgoth, level 12 ogre: picks up 200 gold pieces.

by pooploggylog January 30, 2008
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