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any muscle era chrysler which is chrysler dodge plymouth and desoto and the word actually is a combination of motor and parts which is what was important to the mopar fans of the time it doesnt mean more parts
My mopar challenger is pretty cool
by pooper February 09, 2005
Fagtastic homosexual
"yo homeslice, thats Riceboy Slim! He's Da BOMB!"
by Pooper May 31, 2003
what blacks call white people they call white people that because its the last thing most of them hear when they get hit
hey im black there goes a white person in a car *honk* *honk* oh shit it just hit me because im a lame black person *im dead*
by pooper February 04, 2005
a guy who almost got arrested for child porn.... thats creepy
an old old old rocker guy
by pooper February 28, 2005
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