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A vagina with shit in it. Shitty vag.
Jack: I was going to go down on Jessica, but she had a real patati.

Edgar: Ya, I heard that it's hard to tell the difference between her poop chute and that patati.
by poonwang November 10, 2009
1) A very promiscuous girl that tends to dress in a very scandalous manor.

2) A slang term used to describe the awesomeness of something.
1) OMG! Look at that girl, she is such a skank I bet she has a patati. Look at what she is wearing, that shouldn't be on a 12 year-old.

2) Guy 1: Holy cow, I am so high this is so skank.

Guy 2: Kosher dude!!
by poonwang February 26, 2010
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