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Hater- noun hickey or love bite intentionally marked on someone else's body part to claim them.
Hating- verb A person intentionally (hating) sucking on someones body part leaving a bruise-like mark also known as a hickey (more than likely on the neck because it would be hard conceal and will be easily seen) on their lover to "claim ownership" ,that they're in a relationship, messing with somebody, or to show the recipient of the "hater" is cheating on their girlfriend or boyfriend.
Friend:Damn that's a big Hater!!
Guy: Yo, my girl gave me this big ass hater on my neck last night so I won't be able to holla at other females!

Girl:My dip(guy on the side) hated on me hard as hell last night! I got three huge hickeys/haters on my neck. I don't want my boyfriend to find out I'm cheating on him

You left a hater on me last night
You were sucking so hard on my neck last night I got haters all over my neck my mom will flip out
by pookiestorm January 20, 2011
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