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22 definitions by poodlewrestler

someone who has one long eyebrow (usually bushy) right across their forehead. often implies untrustworthiness.
that Robert's a bit of a monobrow isn't he, Beverley?
by poodlewrestler June 26, 2003
130 69
a young lady wearing rather tight underwear or the underwear in question
christ! if she bends over her pubestranglers will cut her in half
by poodlewrestler June 26, 2003
40 17
A pile of shit, a crock of crap, a ton of turd...
you don't half talk Boswellox
by poodlewrestler March 12, 2004
42 32
a poodle wrestler is someone that rises to very small challenges and overcomes them. Original from the lyrics of "Mr Apollo" by The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.
Sorry, providing an example is just too challenging.
by poodlewrestler June 26, 2003
6 0
digital teabags have the advantage over all normal teabags in that they have alternate slot shaped and circular holes rather than just circular ones.
"Oh Johnny, your ideas are as free-flowing as digital teabags" she purred, moistening her lips. Johnny shrank back in horror as her (continued on page 19)
by poodlewrestler June 26, 2003
7 2
Originally a aerosol product used for providing a non-slip surface for elements of male genitalia, it is now available as a cream for applying to slippery politicians.
that weasely George Bush could drown in Slibo Grippe and still slip into a second term...
by poodlewrestler March 12, 2004
5 1
a commercial product, Fartex is an aerosol spray, which when applied to a surface leaves a brown sticky stain that smells like several heavy farts.
"New brown Fartex gives you more!" Sadly the advert doesn't suggest what the 'more' is...
by poodlewrestler June 26, 2003
12 8