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Phrase used to silence faggols when trying to belittle you in front of your friends or bitches.
Faggol: Hey Matt. Hey Amanda. Matt, you're back in town? Did you fail out of school again?

Matt: Get off my dick, you molten cumfart
by pompilot July 22, 2009
Large, Tentacled, Cave-dwelling beast that roams the rural areas of Northwestern New Jersey. Displays tendencies toward physical violence when provoked whilst guybernating
John: Hey, you want to go to the Squill cave?
Matt: Are his parents home?
by Pompilot July 22, 2009

1. A cleansing period to hang out with new, interesting people; instead of the regular idiots you normally associate with.

2. Enema (length of vinyl hose, full of shitty beer) administered by your best dudebro(s).
1. "If not for taking this Frenema, I'd still be listening to the Kings of Leon"

2. "Hey Breh, I just picked up two Thirties of Natty Ice. Hook me up with a Frenema?"
by pompilot July 22, 2009

Figurative Department Store, adjacent to Gay-Mart
"Where'd you get that dick? Small-Mart? Half off?
by pompilot July 22, 2009
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