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3 definitions by polygon

A condition where someone does not go out in public, or acts in an anti-social way. Derived from hibernation.
Miguel: is Kristen going out tonight? Charles: Nope, she's got the hibertz!
by polygon January 13, 2005
Process of smoking a roll, or smoking an MDMA pill. Usually accomplished by placing the roll intact or crushed on aluminum foil and applying a heat source to the underside of the foil.
When it's 5am in the morning and you want to get high fast and crash more quickly, someone may suggest you do a hot roll.
by polygon January 08, 2005
A person that farts in front of you and walks away. Similar to a crop duster except the flumbler expels their flatulence so it maintains velocity, as if it sticks to you.
Bob is a flumbler and left a fart tumble along with me, like it was a tumble weed of flatulence.
by polygon January 06, 2008