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A mock heart attack, especially in gay men, brought on by a soulful performance by a person of African descent. Sometimes accompanied by repeated exclamations of encouragement or disbelief in a mock Ebonic accent.
Mary: Ernest, did you see Jennifer Holliday and Jennifer Hudson doing a duet of And I Am Telling You at the BET Awards?
Ernest: Yes! It was amahzing. I had a massive heart ablack!
by pointofinfo September 15, 2010
When a person becomes fed up with the television series Glee and makes the decision to stop watching the program regularly.
Mary: "Did you see the Britney Spears episode of Glee last night? It was just a bunch of shot-for-shot remakes of her videos."
Ernest: "Yeah. I think I'm going to go into Gleetirement."
by pointofinfo September 30, 2010

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