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when in your family there is that one huge bitch that doesn't do anything all day and just complains about life.
"omfg, you should shoot your household bitch".
"ya ik".
by pochypizzle November 22, 2010
When a very hot lady gives you a blowjob and while doing so, gives you some teeth.

This is extremely painful and usually ends up in having the penis bleeding.

Can also end up with the girlfriend dead from having the victim shooting her from the pain.
"Dude, while kelly and I were having some oral sex, she gave me a hard Tooth Job".

"ouch man".

"she's dead now XD".

by pochypizzle December 05, 2010
A Chode Boner is something that just gets wider...

if you were to have a chode and have a boner, te sides of the penis would shoot left and right
my friend has a chode boner...its fun to look at!
by pochypizzle March 02, 2011
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