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2 definitions by pmh

a college tradition dating to the 1840's on the campus of Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. originally part of a "canon scrap" ritual in which freshmen were charged with firing the small canon and sophomores with foiling the effort, the canon has fallen into obscurity and legend within the last century.

the scrap exercise ended in 1916 for safety concerns, reemerged for one year in 1923 and appeared finished when the canon was filled with lead and mounted to a pedestal between South College and the campus chapel on College Row.

26 years later, though, on the night of march 12, 1957, students stole the canon from its pedestal and began the canon's long journey around the world. it was presented to the Soviet Union as a symbol of peace, to President Richard Nixon in DC as a protest to the Vietnam War and to the managing editor of Life Magazine in New York in 1967. all efforts were clandestine and unauthorized by the university, at least in word.

since, the canon has made a series of brief appearances on campus, usually related to presidential inaugurations or significant reunions. more often, however, it travels the world in the hands of a secret society (or, perhaps, several secret societies) which tell of the canon's adventures through cryptic letters, postcards and pictures.

the Douglas Canon's current whereabouts are unknown.
yo, where's the douglas canon at?
i don't know, probably mounted on the taj mahal or sitting on its own private island. ask dougie b. or alan d.

by pmh November 10, 2005
A prestigious university in Connecticut known for its activist student body and left-leaning political tenor. Often criticized for being precious and single-minded, it gets most of its attention in the New York Times with articles relating to naked dorms and demonstrations. In recent times the school has become known for its Hollywood connections and film student graduates. In general, the school's reputation for protests, piercings and an active LBGT scene occludes its stature as a traditional and well-regarded northeastern university.

Indie Rocker 1: You read the new Dave Eggers book yet?
Indie Rocker 2: No, dude, I've been back at Wesleyan listening to my Ryan Adams albums.
by pmh November 01, 2005