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A doughnut-shaped chamber used in fusion research in which a plasma is heated and confined by magnetic fields.
Ok Chatzky, let's start up the tokamak again and try not to kill any innocent people this time.
by plasmaphysics April 08, 2005
See also scanyon

A very large blunt. Shortened version of scanyon.
Guy: Yo!! I just grabbed a qp wanna hit the bong???
Girl: Nah, let's roll a fuckin scanny!!
by plasmaphysics April 08, 2005
A fused word originating from the two English words, Canyon and Small... A scanyon refers to the massive amount of space filled by Marijuana in a blunt. A very large blunt.
Girl: Damn man, that scanyon you just rolled is making my mouth water.
Guy: Yeah, let's spark this fatty.
by plasmaphysics April 08, 2005
(v) An action that allows any individual currently engaged in a blunt session to hit the blunt if asked to pass, generally performed when sitting in a line or a row, as opposed to a circle. This process may only be invoked in sessions involving 2 or more individuals.
4 individuals engaged in a session in a non moving vehicle:

Ryan | Mike
Dorea | Vinny

Vinny is hitting the scanny, finishes, and goes to pass to Ryan, located in the driver's seat. Ensuring safety of the scanny, Vinny decides to give it to Dorea to pass to Ryan, at this opportunity, Dorea may invoke the messenger hit.
by plasmaphysics April 08, 2005
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