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Nerd euphemism for "epic fail."

(From Star Trek: The Next Generation
Episode "Darmok")
kid slips on banana peel

Nerd: Ha ha! Shaka when the walls fell.
by planner93 March 19, 2010
The name Winnie the Pooh lives under or by.

From the introduction of the first Pooh Bear video "Winnie the Pooh & the Honey Tree."
"Winnie the Pooh lived in this enchanted forest under the name of Mr. Sanderz, which means he had the name over the door in gold letters, and he lived under it."

"I live under the name of Mr. Sanderz."
by planner93 January 14, 2010
The act of being a creeper.
I was up late last night, and I saw a man pedophiling outside my window.
by planner93 March 20, 2010

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