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ain't shit but hoes and tricks, now lick on the nuts and suck the dick
bitches and hoes, man. bitches and hoes.
by pizzaman2o1o January 04, 2008
when you accept a friend request (via facebook) from a chick that looks hot in her picture - but upon looking at the profile you realize she is:

a) a fatty

b) not the girl in the picture

c) something else that pisses me off.
"This hot bitch requested me the other day and then i realized she pulled a facebook fakeout on my ass"

"Bitches and hoes, man. Bitches and hoes."
by pizzaman2o1o January 04, 2008
Can take place in a variety of situations - but usually at a party, gala, event, etc. It is when a man is receiving any sort of sexual pleasuring to his penis and right as he is going to blow his load, someone behind him opens the door and startles him, causing him to turn around quickly and shoot his hot cream onto the face of the person who opened the door, aka the "interruptor."
Drew: "Hey man get me a beer from that back room."

Steve: "Ok."

As door opens - Steve gets a hot cream to his face.

Steve: "WTF!!! I cannot believe I just became an Indianapolis Interruptor."
by pizzaman2o1o March 18, 2008
a cheesy ass way to say fuck
"dude, i boinked her!"

"...did you just say boinked?"

"i'm gay"
by pizzaman2o1o January 04, 2008

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