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is when videos from other countries have been translated to english. Now when I say translated I mean that they have been completely changed to some crappy ass dialogue that seems to change the story by an extreme. Also when they cut off parts just because they might have to much gore. HELLO?!?! THAT'S THE FUN PART!!
Dude: I thought YuGiOh had a shit load more blood and gore.
Guy: Your right it does, IN JAPAN! It's just that you were watching the dubbed version.
by pit chik October 20, 2005
is a student that barely appears in most of their classses, turn in all the homework late, get a cool shirt in the middle of the year, and somehow manage to pass all their classes with nothing lower than a B+
Xavier: oh man I really have to start on that summer reading project.
Andrew: wasn't it due like, yesterday?
Xavier: yeah
Andrew: You're such an AP Student. btw, what did you get in your AP tests.
Xavier: Straight 5's
Andrew: I hate you.
by pit chik August 23, 2005
Considered a danger zone for any one that is not in the band. Place where band geeks come to eat their lunch, make out, do their hw, sing karaoke (includes vocally practicing their parts), practice their chops, talk about band drama, and torturing non-band members.
Yane: Why don't we cut through this hall way?
Yane: Why not?
Jocy: That's the band hall. You'll never get to the other side.
by PIT chik May 10, 2007
a person who is well rounded in playing various percussion instruments that include: Marimba, timpani, cymbals, snare, bass drum, Piano, synthesizer, bell tree, chimes, tom toms, tenors, gong, slap stick, maracas, etc. They should be skilled in all of these, for example: being able to play an awsome snare duet while running back to your vibes to play a 4 mallet solo. They also have to be able to read music, wether in bass or treble cleff.
Ana: So you're a drummer?
Mike: No! I'm a percussionist.
by pit chik January 03, 2007
boobs that look like they're sufficating, aka squished tities.
James: Look at that girl.
by PIT chik May 10, 2007

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