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3 definitions by pinball queen

Face to Facebook is when you don't have time to call or get together in person with friends or business contacts, but you still want them to feel special, so you write on their wall.
Hey no big deal. I wish I had time for a face to face meeting too but I am so slammed that I can't make it until late next week. We can Face to Facebook until our lives calm down a bit. If you need immediate attention, you can always go primitive and I'll pick up.
by pinball queen September 07, 2009
The stage in your life when creative ideas come in flashes instead of being regular.
I am also delighted to meet a fellow creative type. Creative ideas are like ovary eggs...you are born with a number of them and they are release over time throughout one's career. I'm in creative menopause. The ideas come, but they are not as free flowing as they were when I was younger. Having a surrogate idea man at my age is awesome and I look forward to doing business with you.
by pinball queen September 02, 2009
SHEEPLE - What flocked up Americans have turned into.
When we take money from the rich and give it to the FEDS then it just gets pulled out of the economy and is wasted on sheep shit. The rich spend money to hire workers, who in turn buy things, which keeps our economy ramming and jamming. It's time to wake up sheeple.
by pinball queen August 07, 2009