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1. Any person with the ability to make others fall deeply in love with them with minimal effort. Usually has two or more people of the opposite sex doing anything for the feeling of serving a greater being.
2. Word commonly used by a person, referring to the person who's ass they are trying to kiss.
1. U know u a playa when ur hos feel clipin ur toe nails is a treat. 1 ho does 1 foot, the other ho, does the other foot.
2. U really playa dawg!!!! Cain't nobody play hos like u, maaan!!! Can i borrow ur Escalade on spreewells?
by pimp playa June 21, 2003
Rims that are 20 to 24 inches in diameter, which continue to spin even after coming to a complte stop, and occasionally stay still when moving. May cause unwanted attention from women where ever they are seen.
When yo rims keep spinnin even after u stop, then it's fo sho, ur ho's gonna bop!!!!!!!!
by pimp playa June 21, 2003
a sexy brazilian jungle beast with nuts the size of coconuts. He has a hat that is black to symbolize the color of hair on his butts. he could be bisexual also?
he bobby, i love you. "me and bobby are gay together. That is ok if you are gay with someone else but not by your self."
by piMp plaYa November 15, 2004

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