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While in a pubic place your scrotom sticks to your leg as if it's held there by a mixture of goopy babyshit and elmer's glue. Cannot be unlodged by light kicking, high stepping, or even by doing a few casual lunges.

No matter how much you try, the only way to resolve this situation is to go elbow deep in your pants to resolve the situation.
While meeting with the board of trustees, I had a case of static sack that would jolt the Dali Lama from his opium-induced meditation.
by PilotMike April 02, 2005
What your cock looks like two minutes after your blow your load before removing your rubber
Sitting there out of breath after humping her brains out, my wang looked like a midget in a raincoat.
by PilotMike April 02, 2005
Someone who is inherently lame or is generally not worth a shit.
Hey you turd wrangler, make us some fucking coffee!
by PilotMike April 02, 2005
After you've blown your load by one means or another, some of the residual cum dries...you go to take a piss and it sprays all over the fucking place
I was late for work today because I had to clean up after a sprinkler head incident coated the toliet seat and white shower curtain in piss.
by PilotMike April 02, 2005
an incredibly insignificant little shithead who thinks they're all that
What the fuck does that little piece of scrotom lint want now?
by PilotMike April 02, 2005
term used to describe carelessly doggystyling the shit out of someone and your wanker slams right into an ass cheek about breaking your rock hard cock in half...after which you remain in the fetal postion, crying like a little girl for hours
While railing the hell out of some chick last night, I ass crunched my cock and I can't even fucking walk!
by PilotMike April 02, 2005
A large, gaping, sagging mass of pink usually found on an old, burnt out whore resembling a pink taffy factory
My cock in her taffy factory looked like a weinerschnitzel stuck in a 10 pound bucket of chewed bubblicious
by PilotMike April 02, 2005

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