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A strange practice amongst dentists whereby when the patient is out under anastesia they slap the patients genitals with a cods head.
Hence the phrase " I even managed to charge her for the codding "
" She was well and truly codded"
" Do you know I went to the dentist and came back with my chuff stinking of fish , I think the dirty bastard codded me "
"I always find that the old patients are the best for codding."
#codded #lemon cobbler #fish #stinky minge #dentists chair #dentists bill #dentists bib
by pikey68 October 29, 2011
an award given to the dentist who has achieved the highest number of billable codding in a calendar year.
the award ceremony is usually held at harry ramsdens fish emporium and nightclub
mark my words, that's one sick rich bastard, he one the golden cod 2 years in a row.
'no thanks, i'll be having chips this weekend at the golden cod award
#codding #dentists bill #dentists bib #fishy fanny #codded #stinky minge
by pikey68 November 03, 2011
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