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form of 1337 speak, being used as a noun,verb,adjective.
Originated in Australia.This word is often used to cause confusion amongst a relatively normal sentence or used to signify the end of a sentence.Sassmong is also used as a censor and to give the sentence a double entendre.The use of the word sassmong can be used to compliment or to insult.N;A sassmong can be either an insult or a compliment.V;To sassmong oneself,or another person,to do the sassmong.Adj;To appear sassmong, To act like a sassmong.
"You sassmong!","I wanna sassmong you","Kemp is so sassmong","Let's sassmong".
by pikachuuu April 25, 2008
Corey is possibly one of the world's biggest wankers and most publicised bogan to date.The infamous Australian kid with bleached "piss yellow" hair received media attention for a party he probably shouldn't have had.

The under aged loser has become the poster boy for adolescent wankers, and is either idolised for his shenanigans or hated.In an attempt to mask his fuglyface,Corey wears a trademark cap and overly retarded large sunglasses (similar to that of big bird's) and is most commonly seen shirtless.

Despite his resemblance to that of a roast chicken carcass, Corey is worshipped by many young teens.Corey maintains his dominance in media spotlight due to the poor/ lack of content of which the Australian media broadcasts.
Corey has also recently butchered a Beastie Boys classic, fight for your right (to party!), adding yet another heinous cover to the pile of shit that is pop music.

Corey will also be entering the Australian Big Brother house as in Intruder during the 2008 season which is obviously an attempt to revive a show which should have died around 5 years ago.

Corey Worthington is now commonly used as an expression to label try hard teens/wiggas/wankers/wannabees and bogans.

person 1:"Omg... look at that dude with the homie pants and the sunglasses... what a loser!"
person 2: "He's such a Corey Worthington!!!"

"Corey Worthington is a disgrace to all youth, and should be treated like the 3 year old he acts like"

"Corey Worthington is possibly the world's biggest wanker"

"Corey Worthington is a bogan!!!"
by Pikachuuu May 01, 2008
slang word for the capital of Queensland Australia: Brisbane.
Rival word to the term "Brisvegas" which is only used by morons who actually believe Brisbane is somewhat similar to Las Vegas.When in fact, there is nothing to do in Brisbane except drive to the Gold Coast. Brishole is used by people who refuse to call Brisbane, Brisvegas
"Hey, I'm from Brishole in QLD"
"You call it Brisvegas? more like Brishole... there's nothing there!"
"Get your ass back to Brishole and you stay there!"
by pikachuuu April 29, 2008
(In reference to Brad Pitt...)

(n.)To have a stinky arm pit.
Most commonly used when referring to someone with excess arm pit hair and or B.O
"oh man, take a whiff of my brad! thats so sassmong!"
"omg... i can smell brad! who doesn't have deodourant!?"
"gotta spray my Brad with deodourant... i smell like a sweat shop!"
by pikachuuu April 29, 2008
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