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Tom DeLonge is the ex-singer of blink-182 and Box Car Race, he now fronts new band Angels and Airwaves (abbreviated to AVA).

He is eaily recognisable on record by his over-pronounced vowels. For instance, the line (from BCR's song 'Letters to God')
"I won't lie, I won't sin"
when sung by Tom becomes:
"OOiiiii won't looooiiii, Ooooiiii won't sseeeeaann".

He is a genius, though, and very quick to point out that he's probably the worst guitar player in the world.

He used to be hilarious and jokey, although since blink split up he has apparently had "an epiphany" and now has got a lot more serious in his bid to take over the world with AVA.

His nuts apparently taste better with fudge, and he claims to have the best looking ass in the world.
Crazy fan girl: OMMMGZZZ lyk Tom DeLonge is lyk SOOOOO hottttt


Mark: Hey Tom, tell everybody what they do in the Phillipenes

Tom: We heard that in the Phillipenes, when a baby is crying, they suck on it's penis to make it be quiet. It works with me too: if I cry, suck me off and I'll shut up"

Mark: OK, Tom - shut the fuck up!
by pie_guy May 25, 2006
A manufacturer of over-priced custom drums (full name Orange County Drums and Percussion).

They endorse Travis Barker (of blink-182 fame), and so loads of little screaming fans have decided that they should save up for years to buy one of OCDP's ridiculously expensive kits so as they can be just like their idol!!

Most Travis-obsessives are currently frowned upon in the wider drumming community, mostly because quite a few of them are genuinely terrifying.

Due to these little fan kids, OCDP are currently taking over the world. This venture means that they take FOREVER to finish making any drums that people order from them. Their workers also spend 80% of their time surfing instead of doing their job.

In fairness to them though, they DO make very nice drums that look and sound awesome.
"Woah, he must be rich - he has an OCDP kit!"
by pie_guy May 25, 2006

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