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A term used to tell someone to get it together and start using thier brain.
Hey man, you got us all kicked out of the bar last night for throwing that beer bottle. You need to get your mind right.
by phrasee January 05, 2010
Term used to describe or nickname for a girl with freakishly huge titties.
Damn, I want to get laid tonight. Let's get shirt full of boobs over there.
by phrasee January 06, 2010
A common statement among athletes who smoke weed. Indicates that no matter how much weed the athlete smokes, the proof is the pudding and they still ball out.
Hey Rod, you came into this meeting late and you smell like weed. Yeah I smoke. But I ball.
by phrasee January 05, 2010
A term used to bring someone back to reality when they are being unrealistic about thier status or accomplishments...
Yo, I just got three girls numbers at the club last night... I'm like Tiger Woods. I could pull Beyonce. C'mon man, be real with your life!
by phrasee January 05, 2010
An endearing term for a friendly competitor.
What's up Lil dude? You ready get whooped in Madden?
by phrasee January 05, 2010
Ready to ball out and handle yours. Focused, up to the task, on top of shit...
Coach - " Are you going to be ready to go this week #7?"
Player - " Oh yeah coach, no doubt. You know I'm 'Bout Business.
by phrasee January 05, 2010
Acting foolish, silly or stupid: Making poor decisions. Doing something that makes no sense or is harmful to ones self.
Maaan! Did you see your boy B-Rob at the party last night??? He was on that dummy. Drunk, talking to fugly ass girls, starting fights.....
by phrasee January 05, 2010
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