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A women, or homosexual man, that frequently makes contact with the penis of another. It could be said that he/she is "rolling in penis".
"Did you hear that Shirly got caught giving Tony some head? She's turning into a top notch penis-roller"
by Phonk August 13, 2006
The area around the Belair-Edison community that sits atop the slope on Edison Highway.
"What's my hood? Straight up the hill, all day, shawty!"
by Phonk October 24, 2006
When the truck is full, these are the people that know they're riding in the trunk.
"Yo, Keisha wants know can she kick it tonight."
"Man, I you know I don't fucks wit' dat trunkrider like that. You know that ho tried to sit in the front seat last time...mark-ass slut".
by phonk September 17, 2007
A euphemism for for vagina.
"Oh yeah, Karen! I'd love to take a bite out of that hotpocket"
by Phonk August 15, 2006

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